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As you could see below, this site updates almost every day.

12/31/2001 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!  :)))
12/31/2001 IRONMASTER  A Middle Ages online comic by Mr. KANE's
12/30/2001 GANGSTERS' TOYS  A new online comic by HINES
12/28/2001 More  QUOOM.  A beauty imprisoned in a rotten cell
12/28/2001 First episode of PIRATE QUEEN an unedited, complete story by QUOOM
Merry Xmas! with TIM's PONIES.  2nd and 3rd batch 
12/22/2001 Second episode of SHOT by PAUL. You decide the next episode!
12/20/2001 New artist HAWKEYE. The detained is BURNT and whipped and...
12/19/2001 IMPALED first episode. An execution by QUOOM. Unedited art
12/17/2001 New artist SCOTT and his online comic NEW SLAVE
12/17/2001 WIRED FOR SOUND an new, exciting CORTEZ interrogation story
12/16/2001 PAUL's new online comic: SHOT.  Two girls are executed
12/15/2001 Mr Kane's: First cousin Esperanza revenge, then the RUSTLERS... 
12/14/2001 THE PIANO.  Wonderful art by NILSSON
12/13/2001 More DAMIAN unedited, original images.
12/12/2001 AVE DE RAPINA 2. New exciting chapter by genial GEOFFREY MERRICK
12/11/2001 Updated NEW ON BOARD page
12/11/2001 Naked, chained and suspended the young SS prisoner is savagely questioned again. QUOOM
12/10/2001 SLAVE RIOT by Hines
12/08/2001 BREAKING ELENA a new female prisoner interrogation story by Cortez.
12/08/2001 SLAVE MARKET as seen by HINES.  Great art and torrid action
12/07/2001 Great new Artist TIM. Admire his ponygirls
12/05/2001 Link problems with latest DAMIAN and QUOOM repaired. Sorry...
12/05/2001 IMPALED!  A mini-series by QUOOM. Impressive quality 
12/04/2001 RUSTLERS The new ponygirl meets her stable pals... MR KANE
12/03/2001 DAMIAN's new update. Latest, inedited works.
12/02/2001 TRYTEN's hot INTERROGATION. New, inedited sequences
12/01/2001 Hunted ZIRA is conducted to the Slave Market. GOLIATT
11/30/2001 New artist GOLIATT.  ZIRA is captured
11/29/2001 EU INOCENCIUS.  Great episode of INTERROGATION with electroshock
11/28/2001 Lovely GESTAPO's VICTIM is again alone with Butcher. QUOOM.
11/27/2001 New artist KEVIN WALSH.  Fine art
11/25/2001 The SLAVES RIOT by HINES
11/23/2001 Buried in the sickest section. New artist Zorro
11/23/2001 RUSTLERS by Mr KANE's. Girls where hunted, broken in, trained and well used...
11/22/2001 HAREM SLAVES by HINES.
11/21/2001 A nice batch of JAPANESE black and withies.
11/20/2001 Two new electro stories by CORTEZ.  Mandolin & the Magneto and Making Yasmin Talk. 
11/20/2001 TRYTEN a new 3D artist.  Interrogation... 
11/19/2001 Enter DAMIAN's dungeons. Exclusive works. 
11/17/2001 Best BADIA ones.  INQUISITION times...
11/16/2001 AVE de RAPINA Chapter One; a hot new fantasy by long acclaimed GEOFFREY MERRICK.
11/15/2001 Find two lovely new QUOOM's real masterpieces.
11/15/2001 Beautiful Gestapo's Prisoner gets a savage beating. QUOOM
Gestapo's Interrogation Chamber: Second day. QUOOM  Exciting news: DAMIAN and HAWKEYE with inedited works no where-else to find. COMING SOON
SLAVE MARKET  New pics from our friends
11/01/2001 BDSMartwork is moving to new facilities; consequently next update will be posted on November 12th.
So today we post a BIG UPDATE covering next week.
- Big update on HINES' art: New online comic SLAVES RIOT (the wildest Hines) - New online comic GHETTO SLAVES - End of SWAMP SLAVERS
- Big update on QUOOM's art: Quoom's GESTAPO'S PRISONER finishes her first day on the basement with a savage whipping and a juicy sexual attack (25 new pics)
- Big update on Mr.Kane's art: Two twelve pages online comics by this great artist: UNCLE'S LUST and SORCERESS' NOURISHMENT
- New artist LARRY. A lovely girl wakes up tied and blindfolded in tiny cage.  She recognises her uncle's disgusting voice... 
And starting on November 12th, the long awaited second day of GESTAPO'S PRISONER. PONYGIRLS by Mr Kane's and much more...
Much more means among others, two well known world class artists that are now doing art for this site.  You know them for sure and I bet you love their work...
Please get in touch and thanks for your support.
10/28/2001 New pics on the interrogation of a lovely French teacher in GESTAPO's VICTIM by QUOOM
10/27/2001 INTERROGATION SERIES Four sadistic stories by Cortez.
10/25/2001 SCHOOL of DISCIPLINE by HINES ends.
10/24/2001 VIGILANTE New pencil artist
10/23/2001 FEAR  A fully illustrated story by award winning AGNES.
10/22/2001 DAWN, England 1557. An ED's story.
10/22/2001 MILITARY UPLIFT Color masterpieces by Mr Kane.
10/21/2001 HINES' DISCIPLINE SCHOOL is getting rough and nasty.
10/20/2001 Interesting updates in Japanese Classics and Japanese B&W 
10/19/2001 FOUR new stories by writer CORTEZ
10/19/2001 Savage INTERROGATION of an American redhead by EU INOCENCIUS (2nd)
10/17/2001 DE HARO'S PONYGIRLS I wouldn't like to be one of those poor things
10/15/2001 New Artist TM's page 'fixed' and updated. Old, juicy style...
10/14/2001 SWAMP SLAVERS an online comic by HINES. Naked girls being sold and used for a 1st time
10/13/2001 GESTAPO'S VICTIM an online comic by QUOOM. The prisoner is searched... Chained and naked!
10/11/2001 WILD PIRATES and online comic by HINES. Very wild indeed...
10/09/2001 New Section: STIG Illustrated Stories. Anita and the House of Correction
10/08/2001 Fansadox 17 is ready
10/06/2001 GESTAPO'S VICTIM A new online comic by QUOOM. IMPALED Two masterpieces by QUOMM
10/05/2001 INTERROGATION by EU INOCENCIUS.  Exciting and well done.
10/03/2001 ZERNS Images + A ZERNS new online comic: HANG FOR FUN
10/01/2001 Lovely, exciting Japanese color drawings. MEMBERS SENDING
09/29/2001 Promising new section: Rare, old, obscure... yet intriguing pics.
09/28/2001 QUESTIONS. FLAGG's obsessing nightmare. Thrilling...
09/26/2001  online comic by HINES. A slave-girl inferno.
09/25/2001 THE NEST A Cortez story. 
09/24/2001 CUSTOMS HORROR FACES close ups. By NILSOON.
09/23/2001 CUSTOMS HORROR by NILSSON. A frightening online comic. Now more than ever...
09/22/2001 CASTRATED. By PAUL. Very painful... 
09/21/2001 NAILED TO THE CROSS by PAUL. A crucifixion online comic
09/19/2001 Leila's Interrogation by CORTEZ
09/18/2001 Raina's Agony by CORTEZ
09/17/2001 QUOOM. 3D's Master update. GESTAPO'S VICTIM
09/16/2001 HINES. School of discipline
09/15/2001 MR KANE. 
A nice color one. More to come...
09/14/2001 MR KANE.  Turkish Harem. An online comic
09/12/2001 MR KANE.  Petrol Slaves. An online comic
09/10/2001 MR KANE.  Desert Slaves. An online comic
09/08/2001 The TROLL'S SEX TOY is eaten alive. COMPOSER
09/07/2001 THE LOG by Cortez.  Heavy stuff...
09/07/2001 A SLAVE'S STORY by Castor.  Exciting...
09/04/2001 SWAMP SLAVERS a new online comic by HINES
09/02/2001 THE SPY and online comic by Mr Kane
08/31/2001 More on MANUS sex slaves
08/29/2001 New artist TAW A nice bunch of them
08/28/2001 Have a look on what is COMING NEXT
08/27/2001 GENERAL GARCIA'S PLAYROOM A story by E
08/26/2001 WHITE SLAVERS An exciting online comic by M KANE
08/24/2001 HINES' LEZ BORDELLO final pics
08/23/2001 SS and INQUISITION stuff by new artist Geert
08/22/2001 PONIES by STAN. Lovely line art
08/21/2001 The Agony of Failure An stimulating story by Cortez
08/21/2001 Revolt in Africa Color masterpieces by PAUL
08/20/2001 STIG  The best and most humiliating whippings on the Web
08/17/2001 STONE AGE  Primates' wild dream. DE HARO
08/16/2001 Lez Bordello gets really nasty.  HINES
08/14/2001 Lovely Oldies Not anymore like these.
08/14/2001 COLOR Treasures Impressive collection
08/13/2001 B&W Treasures A nice bunch of them
08/12/2001 MANUS' Top-girls training continue, harsh as ever
08/11/2001 WHITE SLAVERS Online comic by Mr Kane. Lovely art
08/10/2001 QUESTIONS Online comic by FLAGG. 
An obsessing nightmare...
08/08/2001 QUOOM Three views of a savage crucifixion
08/08/2001 JM's art New artist
08/07/2001 MANUS' Top-Model sex-slaves
08/04/2001 ARTISTS' gallery split. 3D Artists have their own section
08/04/2001 THORN's section updated
08/04/2001 NEW THORN's. BABYSITTER Online Comic
08/01/2001 Mr KANE's online comic: SOLD.  Watch this new artist!
07/31/2001 FLAGG. Female prisoners under severe interrogation
07/30/2001 TRAPPER'S SLAVES Hines' online comic. New postings
07/27/2001 FUTURE.  Old and exciting B&W FUMETTI
07/24/2001 MANUS UPDATE. A major update on this fine artist
07/23/2001 MANUS UPDATE. Plenty of slavegirls locked up in dark dungeons
07/20/2001 BOAT FLESH, a new posting of this online comic by DE HARO.
07/17/2001 Some of the more thrilling JAP art so far 
xciting. Excellent art. JAPANESE COLOR
07/13/2001 BOAT FLESH, an online comic by DE HARO. A color masterpiece
07/11/2001 More of STIG humiliating floggings
07/09/2001 HINES Lez bordello
07/07/2001 24 Masterpieces of Medieval scenes. BADIA's best art
07/04/2001 A nice ring gag by CHIEN FOU
07/03/2001 HINES' Hell keeps on going in TRAPPER's SLAVES
07/01/2001 The END of The BARBARIAN QUEEN.  QUOOM 
06/30/2001 MANUS fine models enslaved in the basement 
06/29/2001 BARBARIAN QUEEN's last humiliation. QUOOM
06/28/2001 STIG's mouth-watering WHIPPINGS
06/27/2001 The BARBARIAN QUEEN is nailed to the cross
06/25/2001 WHIPPED WOMEN. A major upgrade. You'll love this one.
06/23/2001 Have a look on what is coming: Exclusive online comics by ROBERTS, AGNES & MAD BUTCHER
06/22/2001 LEZ SLAVE BORDELLO. A young girls nightmare by HINES/SHIRANDA
06/19/2001 A wild walk by the SLAVE MARKET
06/18/2001 JAPAN ART. Exciting...
06/18/2001 NINES_SHIRANDA beautiful and exciting art.

06/16/2001 STIG. Humiliated female prisoners
06/14/2001 MANUS. Naked, delicious girls chained and trained
06/12/2001 ZERNS. 
06/11/2001 BARBARIAN QUEEN. Last episode. QUOOM
06/09/2001 STIG Women's Prison
06/07/2001 Japanese Yakuza training white slave-girls. By ROBERTS
06/06/2001 BARBARIAN QUEEN. Night visitors. QUOOM
06/05/2001 MANUS. Slave-girls in training
06/04/2001 ZERNS. High Seas Fun. 
06/01/2001 MANUS. Chains and Dungeons
05/31/2001 STIG. FEM DOM.
05/29/2001 BARBARIAN QUEEN. The terrible night starts. QUOOM
05/28/2001 MANUS. Models into slave-girls.
05/27/2001 The BARBARIAN QUEEN agony. Late afternoon on the cross. QUOOM
05/26/2001 White slaves harsh training. By ROBERTS

05/25/2001 More TRAPPER'S SEX SLAVES, an online comic by HINES-SHIRANDA
05/24/2001 Some 'moving' ROBERT's.  Just for fun.
05/24/2001 A BADIA's compendium on PONY GIRLS
05/22/2001 Work out Party, by NILSSON (part 2)
05/22/2001 A la recherche de Agnes.  An online comic by AGNES
05/21/2001 BARBARIAN QUEEN Missing-misplaced pics now in the right order.
05/20/2001 Work out Party, by NILSSON
05/17/2001 HINES-SHIRANDA Premiere.  TRAPPER'S SEX SLAVES an online comic.
05/16/2001 Chained nude in a dungeon, her gaolers and rappers are trolls.  COMPOSER
05/15/2001 The Barbarian Queen gets her feet nailed to the cross.  QUOOM
05/11/2001 Join us for a BIG welcome to the new collaborators
05/10/2001 PONYGIRLS section starts. THORN and HAFFNIUM72. Savage...
05/05/2001 A juicy, inedited story by ROBERTS. You'll love this one!
05/03/2001 New, inedited series by QUOOM. PIRATE QUEEN
05/02/2001 The Barbarian Queen is savagely impaled on the cross
04/28/2001 STIG lovely whippings
04/25/2001 THE BASEMENT.  By Quoom
04/24/2001 UNDERLAND complete and ANNETJIE. Two exciting stories
04/24/2001 FEM DOM.  In the Topic Section.
04/23/2001 More Japanese art.  Wonderful quality
04/22/2001 Some missing 'All time Masters' Japanese drawings
04/21/2001 New Japanese color drawings
04/20/2001 Young witch on the cross. Online-comic by PAUL
04/16/2001 More STIG whippings
04/13/2001 New SICKEST section
04/13/2001 New TOPIC section
04/11/2001 MANUS lovely art.
04/10/2001 COMPOSER new online comic: TROLL'S SEX-TOY
04/09/2001 A member's sending.  Lovely Japanesse drawings
04/08/2001 QUOOM.  In the Cellar.  The story goes on...
04/04/2001 De HARO online comic.  JUNGLE SLAVEGIRLS
04/03/2001 FEM-DOM by STIG
04/02/2001 The Barbarian Queen is hoisted to the cross. QUOOM
03/30/2001 New artist ALAIN. Studios
03/30/2001 Exciting new MANUS art
03/30/2001 New online COMIC by QUOOM. The basement
03/26/2001 Old Japanese by a Member. Very good QUALITY
03/24/2001 Some exciting 3D sending by Members. SEARCH There
03/23/2001 The most beautiful girls whipped and humiliated by STIG
03/19/2001 The Barbarian Queen is nailed to the cross. INEDIT
03/15/2001 Sex Slave ANNA KURNIVA is back!  ROBERTS
03/13/2001 New artist HAFFNIUM. Pirate Scarlett, a sadistic online COMIC
03/12/2001 An ED's story illustrated by STIG. Melissa
03/10/2001 ON-LINE Comic by PAUL.  Roman Debutant
03/08/2001 The Barbarian Queen on the cross! QUOOM
03/06/2001 Have a look to COMPOSER. Well done this whipping post!
03/06/2001 Take a walk in the Fumetti side. Lots of new postings
03/05/2001 BADIA historical masterpieces. INQUISITION
03/03/2001 Wonderful WHIPPINGS by STIG
03/01/2001 Have a look at our selection.  Members Sending
02/28/2001 Nailed. New Barbarian Queen episode QUOOM
02/26/2001 New artist MANUS.  Exciting art
02/25/2001 Online COMIC by PAUL.  ENSLAVED by the PIRATES
02/24/2001 Nice reading... Alice by ED, great new - Fumetti and lovely 3D by members
02/23/2001 Humiliated and whipped. STIG
02/21/2001 New artist MANUS.  GREAT art
02/20/2001 New, faster and more reliable server is now working
02/18/2001 The Fall of the Barbarian Queen.  The prisoner arrives to the cross
02/15/2001 Plenty of news! B&W Treasures - New Covers - New 3D Member sendings
02/14/2001 New talent.  You'll love him!  NILSSON
02/13/2001 More exciting covers. Fumetti. COVERS 2
02/12/2001 Lovely color Fumetti. COVERS 1
02/11/2001 New artist COMPOSER
02/10/2001 Great ROBERTS' details. Black VAN and YAKUZA slavegirls
02/09/2001 New 3D section on Members Sendings
02/08/2001 Sweet, old style... Oldies by THORN
02/07/2001 Naked and under the whip The Barbarian Queen is led to the cross. QUOOM
02/03/2001 Great ROBERTS. YAKUZA slavegirls
02/02/2001 BADIA Original Masterpieces. The BEST Badia is HERE
01/30/2001 Led like a dog, The Barbarian Queen goes to the cross. QUOOM
01/29/2001 FEM-DOM by STIG
01/28/2001 Sadistic Alien. FUMETTI
01/27/2001 The Barbarian Queen is on her way to the cross... QUOOM
01/24/2001 Barbarian Queen continues... QUOOM
01/23/2001 Sadistic Fumetti.
01/21/2001 Booty of War. Online comic by PAUL
01/20/2001 Still more on the Barbarian Queen. Online comic by QUOOM
01/19/2001 More pics on the Barbarian Queen. Online comic by QUOOM
01/18/2001 The Fall of the Barbarian Queen. Online comic by QUOOM
01/16/2001 Twelve new STIG's. STIG MORE
01/14/2001 New o-line COMIC. ROBERTS: Trapped Sisters
01/13/2001 New o-line COMIC. ROBERTS: Prison Ordeal
01/12/2001 More on-line COMIC. ROBERTS: Slave Anna Kurniva
01/10/2001 Quality Fumetti.
01/08/2001 NEW: Darkest Dungeons on Earth. QUOOM
01/07/2001 Quality Fumetti. SADISTIC DREAMS
01/04/2001 Pamela's Nightmare. The complete story. Pamela's Nightmare
01/02/2001 Pamela's Nightmare. A THORN on-line COMIC. Pamela's Nightmare

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