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As you could see below, this site updates almost every day. See most recent updates [ LATEST UPDATES ]

12/30/2003 TRAINED TOGETHER for the pleasure of their owners, by BADIA   

12/28/2003 Alone with their questioners in WITCH HUNT by DAMIAN 

12/28/2003 Announcing a preview of what's coming on 2004 at QUOOM's site

12/28/2003 A sight on this week updates at CAGRI and ARIES sites

12/26/2003 Xmas time: A happy end for THE BARBARIAN PRINCE by AGNES. 

12/24/2003 Rough SLAVE TRAINING by BADIA

12/24/2003 2004 CALENDAR by KANE. Made of sketches of this great artist!

12/23/2003 RICH GIRLS now the slaves of the lower and poorer rungs of society. By HINES

12/21/2003 TRAINED UPSIDE DOWN. Unpublished originals by BADIA

12/20/2003 THE KING'S RANSOM by LEO RANARDO. A new great artist!   

12/20/2003 Lovely Christmas update at QUOOM site

12/20/2003 Sights on last week updates at CAGRI and ARIES sites

12/19/2003 Hot images of the young blonde slavegirl training in THE CASTLE. Superb art by TRYTEN.  

12/18/2003 Eleonora is questioned in front of the judges. THE BARBARIAN PRINCE by AGNES

12/16/2003 Parents teach good manners to her daughter in REFORMED by NILSSON. Story by Caroline Tanner

12/14/2003 Sights on last week updates at ARIES, CAGRI and QUOOM sites

12/14/2003 Lovely SECRET AGENTS captured in the Far East. DE HARO

12/12/2003 Their fate can't be worse: Slaves to PROSTITUTES. Great art by HINES

12/11/2003 Great, classic art by BADIA in INQUISITION LAW. Witches, questioning, fires...

12/10/2003 More on REVENGE, by GRIMM

12/08/2003 THE CASTLE and the blonde slave initiation. Superb images by TRYTEN.  

12/07/2003 New artist: GRIMM. New short online comic: REVENGE

12/07/2003 Sights on last week updates at ARIES, CAGRI and QUOOM sites

12/06/2003 Endless pain and humiliation in this epic saga. THE BARBARIAN PRINCE by AGNES

12/04/2003 A PASSAGE EAST Exceptional, exclusive artwork by FERRES. 

12/03/2003 WHITE SLAVERY by Mr KANE



11/29/2003 These poor girls where CAUGHT IN THE JUNGLE. By HINES.

11/27/2003 Caged in the dark dungeons of Venice. THE BARBARIAN PRINCE by AGNES

11/26/2003 More SLAVE HUNTING. A comic that'll satisfy every sadistic hunter. By PAUL

11/24/2003 A young reporter is AUCTIONED at the slave market. By ARIES. Story by LATINA 

11/24/2003 Previews on ARIES and QUOOM's official sites weekly updates.

11/22/2003 New update on SLAVE HUNTING. A dream to a sadistic hunter come true! by PAUL

11/21/2003 Just meat for the conqueror: PRISONERS OF WAR by Mr KANE

11/20/2003 INQUISITION LAW, more on this wonderful saga. Exceptional art by BADIA

11/20/2003 See what's new at CAGRI's official website.

11/18/2003 They're sexual toys of their Maters. HAREM PLAYTHINGS by DAMIAN

11/17/2003 First session with his freshly abducted slave in NEW CATCH by ROUGIN 

11/16/2003 Classic SUPER HEROINES comic images at their best.  By DE HARO 

11/14/2003 Previews on ARIES and QUOOM's official sites weekly updates 


11/14/2003 INQUISITION LAW. Best BADIA's art.

11/12/2003 THE WOODEN CHAIR a story of interrogation by CORTEZ, illustrated by ARIES.

11/12/2003 See what's new at CAGRI's official website.

11/11/2003 They were sold to the highest bidder. Amazing watercolours by genial Mr KANE in SLAVE TRADE.

11/09/2003 A horrendous nightmare starts for two young tourists in PARADOR by EU INNOCENCIUS

11/09/2003 Previews of what's new this week at ARIES and QUOOM's official websites.

11/07/2003 INQUISITION LAW. The best BADIA ever

11/06/2003 The young princess meets her final Master in SOLD PRINCESS by ROUGIN

11/05/2003 Trapped SUPER HEROINES by DE HARO

11/05/2003 See what's new in the latest CAGRI's website update

11/03/2003 They DISAPPEARED under the Junta despotic rule, by HINES

11/02/2003 The RICH BITCH despised him. Now she pays dearly for her insolence, by STEVE


11/01/2003 Preview of ARIES and QUOOM's official sites weekly updates 

10/30/2003 The Master first session with his new blonde slave in THE CASTLE by TRYTEN 

10/29/2003 Final scene of act 2 of THE BARBARIAN PRINCE, the impressive epic by AGNES

10/29/2003 Preview of CAGRI's official website updated

10/28/2003 The young nun was the only survival to the mission attack in LOST MISSIONARY by ROUGIN


10/25/2003 THIS INQUISITION VICTIMS were the loveliest and the most desired women of their villages. By DAMIAN

10/25/2003 Check what's new at QUOOM'S  site

10/24/2003 Sequences of the day after the HOLOCAUST 2050 by ROUGIN

10/23/2003 New great updates at CAGRI and ARIES websites

10/23/2003 Witness the fate of the young inmates of this awful COLONIAL PRISON by HINES

10/22/2003 A whore was nailed by the breasts to the WHORE’S CROSS by MR KANE

10/19/2003 A very peculiar safari in SLAVE HUNTING by PAUL

10/18/2003 Check what's new at ARIES, CAGRI and QUOOM sites

10/18/2003 DEAD LOVE by ROUGIN

10/17/2003 Confined in the INQUISITION DUNGEONS by DAMIAN

10/16/2003 Wonderful holidays turned into an awful nightmare in PARADOR by EU INNOCENCIUS

10/15/2003 She went to study Russian she ended victim of white slavers. LOST IN SIBERIA by ROUGIN

10/14/2003 Trapped SUPER HEROINES by DE HARO

10/13/2003 A slave is savagely punished by her sadistic master in THE CASTLE by TRYTEN

10/11/2003 Previews of what's new at ARIES, CAGRI and QUOOM sites

10/11/2003 Under the sadistic whim of mighty DESERT LORDS. By HINES

10/10/2003 She was sold to her father enemies. SOLD PRINCESS by ROUGIN

10/10/2003 RICH BITCH a new series by STEVE

10/09/2003 A new great series starts: MISSING IN PARADOR by EU INNOCENCIUS

10/07/2003 Previews of what is going on at QUOOM and CAGRI sites

10/07/2003 New chapter of THE BARBARIAN PRINCE the great, acclaimed epic by AGNES.

10/05/2003 SOLD PRINCESS by ROUGIN. A story of downfall and slavery.

10/04/2003 Black slave girls in the Deep South: SOUTHERN COMFORT. Astounding art by TIM

10/02/2003 BASEMENT SLAVE. Colour art by LEANDRO


10/01/2003 These poor white girls were condemned to serve life in the dreaded COLONIAL PRISON by HINES 


09/29/2003 SUI LIN CHI, a new interrogation story by CORTEZ illustrated by ARIES

09/27/2003 The dream of every sadistic hunter come true in SLAVE HUNTING by PAUL. Great comic!

09/27/2003 They're the loveliest girls in the village. They're the INQUISITION VICTIMS by ROUGIN

09/27/2003 Images from QUOOM'S OFFICIAL WEB SITE. Impressive images.

09/27/2003 Images from ARIES' Official Website. Great art

09/26/2003 HAREM WHITE SLAVE GIRLS. They're infidels and they were treated accordingly... Great art by DAMIAN 

09/25/2003 Nothing was ever heard of them again... HELLISH CONVENT by BADIA

09/25/2003 She was rent to perverted customers in TRAINED AND SOLD by BADIA 

09/23/2003 A PASSAGE EAST by FERRES. Stunning art of this great epic.  

09/21/2003 Big upgrade on BARBARIAN PRINCE, the popular AGNES epic 

09/21/2003 Emperor's Revenge and new series at QUOOM's Official Website

09/19/2003 They were no more than sex slaves. SOLD AS WHORES by HINES


09/16/2003 THE WHORE'S CROSS: a savage, deathly torment. Exceptional art by Mr KANE

09/15/2003 THE CASTLE, a spoil of war slavegirl story by TRYTEN

09/15/2003 Check the latest update at QUOOM'S OFFICIAL WEB SITE.

09/14/2003 JUST MISSING by STEVE

09/14/2003 Preview of what's new at ARIES' Official Website

09/13/2003 CHEERLEADERS missing and scattered all over the World, by HINES

09/12/2003 All the family was waiting for COUSIN BETH return. By STEVE

09/12/2003 Action gets hotter in that Venice dungeon in BARBARIAN PRINCE by AGNES

09/10/2003 GUERRILLA GIRLS were detained but never judged, by DAMIAN 

09/09/2003 We found this unpublished ones in our files. Slave art by MANUS

09/07/2003 Western girls in HAREM PLAYTHINGS by ARIES

09/06/2003 Humiliation beyond believe for the two white sister slavegirls in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET by INNOCENCIUS.

09/05/2003 THE JOKER by LEANDRO.  He was the nightmare of Manhattan's nights.

09/03/2003 Young women in WAR TIMES by ROUGIN 

09/02/2003 White slave girls humiliatingly traded and sold in the Far East. ENSLAVED IN ASIA by HINES


08/30/2003 The most SAVAGE WHIPPING art we've ever seen. by ZERNS  

08/29/2003 In a dark, flooded dungeon beneath the city... THE BARBARIAN PRINCE by AGNES 

08/29/2003 Free previews of this week updates at ARIES and QUOOM official web sites

08/28/2003 ELECTROSHOCK, by STEVE 

08/26/2003 Lady Katarina is sent to a Convent in awesome A PASSAGE EAST by great artist FERRES

08/26/2003 A new glimpse on what's going on QUOOM'S OFFICIAL WEB SITE

08/24/2003 Witness the sex training of the novice slavegirls in HAREM PLAYTHINGS by ARIES

08/23/2003 The unwritten LAW OF THE HAREM. Superb art by Mr. Kane

08/22/2003 NEW TO SLAVERY. Beautiful art by great artist THORN

08/22/2003 She disappeared from that budget room in that Banana Republic. TRAINED & SOLD by BADIA 

08/22/2003 Check the latest BADIA's OFFICIAL WEBSITE update 

08/20/2003 HERETIC TERROR. Medieval masterpieces by DAMIAN 

08/20/2003 Preview of last ARIES' Official Website weekly update 

08/19/2003 Witness the terrible fate of these girls in URBAN HAREMS. Great art by HINES

08/17/2003 Stunning, exciting images by AGNES in BARBARIAN PRINCE. Quality artwork!

08/17/2003 Images from the new great UPGRADE at QUOOM's Official Website   

08/15/2003 ELECTROSHOCK, by STEVE 

08/14/2003 THORN is back!  Young Miranda goes to serve to her UNCLE JACK's house 

08/12/2003 Slavegirls in the MIDDLE AGES. Lovely art by DE HARO 

08/11/2003 ELECTROSHOCK. Elisabeth, an intelligent, beautiful girl is declared subnormal... by STEVE

08/10/2003 The English slavegirl serves the lover her Mistress designates for her. ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET by INNOCENCIUS.

08/07/2003 NEW TO SLAVERY a great new update by DAMIAN.

08/07/2003 Second act of BARBARIAN PRINCE by AGNES. The action begins...

08/05/2003 proudly announces the launching of BADIA'S OFFICIAL WEBSITE   

08/05/2003 A hot, sick one by BADIA: SLAVE FEEDING TIME   

08/04/2003 Check the new great UPGRADE at QUOOM's Official Website   

08/04/2003 WITCHES - AKELARRE. Superb art by HINES   

08/03/2003 ROBERTS is back with a wonderful new episode of CELEBRITY COLLECTORS   


07/30/2003 A DAY IN UNLANDABAD BAZAAR. Great, complete online comic by PAUL   

07/29/2003 THE BARBARIAN PRINCE. Wonderful new story by AGNES. English version by CORTEZ 

07/29/2003 Previews of QUOOM's and ARIES' Official Websites 

07/27/2003 That secret club in London was hell on Earth... GENTLEMEN'S TOYS by HINES 

07/26/2003 A new episode of lovely A PASSAGE EAST by FERRES. Exceptional art.

07/24/2003 IN THE HANDS OF COLONEL LU. A new story of interrogation by CORTEZ illustrated by ARIES

07/24/2003 The girl had caught his eye on the first day... MAD TEACHER by ROUGIN

07/22/2003 SEX SLAVES. Great art by ROSCOE 

07/21/2003 Final episode of UNCLE SILAS by STEVE. 

07/20/2003 3rd WORLD PRISONS a superb saga by master artist HINES. 

07/18/2003 WOMEN PRISONERS They're held helpless in prison. Incredibly colorful art by KANE. 

07/17/2003 The dirtiest, most degrading slave humiliation in FEEDING TIME by BADIA.

07/16/2003 They are booty. Their men lost the battle. THE WOMEN OF THE ENEMY by DAMIAN

07/15/2003 The dream of every sadistic hunter come true in SLAVE HUNTING by PAUL

07/13/2003 The two English sisters face the deepest humiliation a woman can be submitted to in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET by INNOCENCIUS

07/12/2003 QUOOM's site updated with 38 new illustrations of Enemies of Rome and Jean d'ARC 

07/12/2003 INQUISITION DUNGEONS. Superb art by DAMIAN.

07/11/2003 Rowing in a galley, working on the treadmill... HARSH WORK by ARIES  

07/10/2003 Beautiful art by ROSCOE in MISSING 

07/10/2003 PUNISHMENT. Classic art by BADIA  

07/08/2003 MONICA'S FIRST DAY AS SEX SLAVE.  Lovely 3D by ACTEA 

07/08/2003 They're tightly GAGGED, flesh or rubber. By NILSSON

07/07/2003 ASS DOMS another HINES' story

07/06/2003 Young Margaret is humiliated beyond believe by her legal guardian UNCLE SILAS

07/06/2003 New artist FERNANDO presents COCKTEASER HORROR

07/05/2003 She was lost in the woods... A ZULU DINNER by ROUGIN

07/04/2003 ARIES' NEW SLAVES. They were new to slavery. ANNOUNCEMENT: Launching of ARIES OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

07/04/2003 LA BANQUIERE last episode by AGNES. Beautiful 3D

07/03/2003 ROMAN SLAVEGIRLS. THE CROSS. Great, wonderful art by DAMIAN.

07/01/2003 NEW! JULY FEATURED COMIC: SLAVE OWNER CLUB, a 45 pages color comic by TEMPELTON

06/30/2003 Sex-slaves in THE MIDDLE AGES. By DE HARO 

06/28/2003 The exciting VICTORIA AND THE EMIR by CORTEZ now illustrated by ARIES! 


06/27/2003 An innocent girl is burned at the stake for jealousy in THE YOUNG WITCH by SERGEI 

06/27/2003 The arrogant and strict executive is savagely whipped in la LA BANQUIERE by AGNES

06/26/2003 Those slaves captured from the ranks of high society were broken at HUMILITY SCHOOL. By HINES

06/25/2003 UNCLE SILAS lusted after her young niece.  Now he's her legal guardian... By STEVE 


06/22/2003 ENSLAVED TEEN, a hot family-story by great artist NILSSON. 

06/20/2003 VICTORIA AND THE EMIR. An African Tales story by CORTEZ. Check out CORTEZ's first long novel ever!

06/20/2003 CHEERLEADERS. More incredible HINES' masterpieces.

06/20/2003 She wakes up and doesn't know where she is. NIGHTMARE by ACTEA

06/18/2003 LEANDRO's SLAVES 

06/17/2003 Lovely art by ROSCOE in SEX SLAVES. A most terrible fate for those girls.

06/16/2003 She didn't grant that loan, now she pays for it. LA BANQUIERE by AGNES

06/14/2003 The Emir shares his white slavegirl with his guests in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET by INNOCENCIUS

06/14/2003 Witness the fatal fate of the lovely pair of NORTHERN SLAVES, by BIZZARRO

06/13/2003 Only the best service can be accept in SEX TRAINED UPSIDE DOWN by BADIA. Splendid art!

06/11/2003 HAREM FOREIGN SEX SLAVES by DAMIAN plus new PDF by DAMIAN! Real hot masterpieces. 

06/10/2003 Their fate was worse than death in GHETTO SLAVES by HINES.

06/08/2003 Lovely previews of the latest great upgrade at QUOOM's site.

06/07/2003 A new, wonderful update on A PASSAGE EAST by great artist FERRES

06/06/2003 Beautiful SEX SLAVES from East Europe. Art by new artist LEANDRO
06/04/2003 TOYS by new artist OZ
06/04/2003 SLAVE GIRLS. Splendid art by ALAIN.  Lovely.


06/03/2003 FOREIGN SEX SLAVES. A terrible fate for a Western woman. Superb art by Mr KANE

06/01/2003 NEW! JUNE FEATURED COMIC: ROAD HORROR, a 50 pages color comic by ARIES 

05/30/2003 SLAVE SCHOOL by HINES

05/29/2003 SLAVES IN ANCIENT ROME. An everyday portrait of a historical horror by DE HARO

05/29/2003 Wonderful pages by CAGRI.  TWINS a family drama.

05/27/2003 Incredible, exciting art by artist DAMIAN

05/27/2003 A most degrading but efficient approach to tame a new slavegirl: WATER TRAINING by BADIA

05/26/2003 SLAVES by new artist LEANDRO 

05/24/2003 Anne is shut in THE BASEMENT by her teacher. By ROUGIN 

05/22/2003 Special ways of East Europe police in INTERROGATED by ROUGIN 

05/21/2003 HINES presents the worst of the 3rd WORLD PRISONS 

05/19/2003 An humiliating way to train a new slavegirl: WATER TRAINING by BADIA

05/19/2003 Great weekly update at QUOOM's site.

05/19/2003 Announcing ROAD HORROR the featured comic for June. A story of humiliation.

05/18/2003 WORKING ON THE CHAMBERMAID an exciting interrogation story by CORTEZ illustrated by ARIES

05/17/2003 The new slaves are prepared for their Master in A PASSAGE EAST. Great art by FERRES  

05/15/2003 They were SEX SLAVES IN FOREIGN CULTURES.  Great art by DAMIAN 

05/14/2003 INNOCENT VICTIMS of the pirates in the Caribbean by MR KANE 

05/13/2003 The blonde white slave serves her Mistress in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET by INNOCENCIUS 

05/12/2003 Sharon woke up with a start. She was naked. She couldn't move... THE LOST LODGE by ROUGIN

05/10/2003 Impressing artwork by HINES. Those Russian girls where SOLD AS WHORES

05/08/2003 The awful fate of young, beautiful black slavegirls in the OLD SOUTH by TIM. Striking art! 

05/07/2003 The NORTHERN SLAVES play in the Circus. By BIZARRO 

05/06/2003 End of agent Natasha's second day in the hands of her captors in DEFEATED by QUOOM 

05/05/2003 RIDING THE PONY: A convenient way to tame a new slavegirl. The best of BADIA's art. 

05/03/2003 IMPORTANT NOTICE: WEBMASTER PLAN. Click here if you're an adult webmaster and want to make money.

05/03/2003 Stunning art by Mr KANE in WOMAN PRISONERS

05/02/2003 Wonderful art by FERRES in A PASSAGE EAST

05/01/2003 NEW! MAY FEATURED COMIC: SLAVEGIRL ISLAND, a 41 pages color comic by CAGRI 

04/29/2003 Lovely Russian cop is DEFEATED. An interrogation story by QUOOM

04/27/2003 CRUCIFIXION artwork by BADIA

04/26/2003 The darkest DUNGEONS ever. By HINES

04/25/2003 The Barbarian hordes where SACKERS! by Mr KANE

04/25/2003 Tribute to Rome often took the form of the most beautiful young women. ANCIENT ROME by DE HARO

04/24/2003 The blonde slave's first night with her new Mistress in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET by Innocencius  

04/23/2003 MISSING, by ROSCOE  

04/21/2003 THE HOOK by ROUGIN  

04/21/2003 New artist ACTEA. Some studies on IMPALEMENT  

04/19/2003 These poor white girls disappeared.  No one suspects that they're very near... in the GHETTO by HINES.  


04/16/2003 The white, NORTHERN SLAVES are thrown to Circus Arena. By BIZARRO

04/16/2003 Agent Moskoskaya is savagely questioned by her superior in DEFEATED by QUOOM


04/12/2003 The white sisters are lent to the Emir's fiancée in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET

04/11/2003 FERRES' wonderful art in a new update on A PASSAGE EAST

04/10/2003 Announcing May's FEATURED COMIC.  SLAVEGIRL ISLAND by CAGRI

04/10/2003 SLAVES, by ROSCOE

04/09/2003 History of WOMEN PRISONERS. Mr KANE

04/08/2003 The white slaves sisters are humiliated beyond believe during a banquet in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET

04/06/2003 The best HINES in ASS DOMS 

04/04/2003 She's the daughter of a well-known tycoon. HELD TO RANSOM by NILSSON.  

04/03/2003 When Beth realized what was happening it was too late... BABYSITTER by PAUL  

04/01/2003 NEW! APRIL FEATURED COMIC: WITCH BONFIRE, a 41 pages color comic by MARCELLO 

03/31/2003 A PASSAGE EAST, the slavegirl epic story by FERRES. Incredible art 

03/29/2003 Arguably, the best ever ELECTRO INTERROGATION in a Comic. DEFEATED by QUOOM

03/29/2003 After almost a year, HELL IN SANTA LUCIA is back.  By HINES

03/28/2003 They're KEPT IN THE BASEMENT. By ROSCOE

03/27/2003 These Western beauties where sold into WHITE SLAVERY. Astounding art by Mr KANE

03/26/2003 The beautiful NORTHERN SLAVES get ready for the arena. By BIZZARRO

03/25/2003 BADIA's PONYGIRLS. New, exclusive art by BADIA. Keep in touch for BADIA's website announcement.  
03/23/2003 Agent Moskoskaya is savagely interrogated using electroshock in DEFEATED by QUOOM
03/22/2003 THE MILL, lovely 3D art by AGNES.   English and French version
03/21/2003 VAMPIRES. By DE HARO
03/20/2003 A new episode of a PASSAGE EAST, the slave epic story by FERRES. Great art!
They were mere SEX SLAVES to be sold or rented for use. By HINES 
03/18/2003 MAXIMUM PRESSURE an Interrogation Story by CORTEZ illustrated by ARIES 

03/16/2003 More on MISSING by TRYTEN

03/15/2003 Carla and Lucia are brought to the Great Inquisitor in IRONMASTER by MR KANE 

03/15/2003 They were on a cycling holiday in France, suddenly...  MISSING by TRYTEN 

03/13/2003 The Emir's 1st Wife meets the white slave sisters... in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET by Inocencius 

03/12/2003 A story on rural slavery in BACKCOUNTRY SLAVES by HINES

03/11/2003 A juicy whipping in A PASSAGE EAST by FERRES.  Great art!

03/09/2003 SLAVE TRADE new art by Mr KANE

03/09/2003 Young Jasmine is BURNED AT THE STAKE by ROUGIN

03/07/2003 The military took over and thousands disappeared in EMILE'S LAST NIGHT by QUOOM

03/07/2003 I am your stepmother, Maria.  You didn't know your father married again, did you? FAMILY CONFLICTS by STEVE


03/05/2003 The white slaves live a nightmare in NORTHERN SLAVES by BIZARRO

03/04/2003 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. BDSMartwork announces the launching of QUOOM's devoted site 

03/04/2003 Lovely agent Moskoskaya gets ready for electro interrogation in DEFEATED by QUOOM  

03/03/2003 New DAMIAN DUNGEON stories.

03/01/2003 NEW! MARCH FEATURED COMIC: FAMILY TRAP, a 42 pages color comic by TEMPLETON 

03/01/2003 Linda Martin is arrested at the airport in HOLIDAY IN MANTOK by CORTEZ.

02/27/2003 The runaway slave gets a terrible punishment in A PASSAGE EAST. Wonderful art by FERRES 

02/26/2003 The college students were hunted in the Jungle. SEX SLAVES by HINES. Great art.

02/25/2003 More great news on ROBERTS' art. Now THE BLACK VAN available in PDF at!

02/25/2003 Great ROBERTS' update on CELEBRITY COLLECTORS

02/24/2003 New ROSCOE's exciting art with stories.

02/22/2003 More on MR KANE's stunning art in IRONMASTER's THE ACCOMPLICES TORMENT

02/21/2003 The white NORTHERN SLAVES' sex training continues rougher than ever. By BIZZARRO

02/20/2003 The missing young teacher knows her fate in TRAPPED TEACHER by ROUGIN

02/18/2003 The blonde Christian slave is thoroughly used by the Emir in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET by INOCENCIUS
02/18/2003 Agent Natasha realizes the trap too late... DEFEATED by QUOOM
02/16/2003 Her car broke down on Highway 5... FAMILY BUSINESS by HINES. Story by Sato
02/15/2003 Enjoy a review of inspiring GAS STATION NIGHTMARE, A wonderful comic by ARIES

02/14/2003 They're were detained for interrogation. NIGHTMARE IN SANTARUCAS by DAMIAN

02/14/2003 New 3D by ACTEA

02/13/2003 She works in an evening school for adults on the outskirts of Johannesburg. TRAPPED TEACHER by ROUGIN

02/12/2003 HINES in DUNGEONS

02/11/2003 The last girl lives a terrible inferno of sex and violence in HORROR HOLE by SLASHER.

02/10/2003 announces the forthcoming QUOOM's WEBSITE.

02/10/2003 More on Vanessa, a sex-slave to her stepfather in ENSLAVED STEPDAUGHTER by STEVE

02/09/2003 Handcuffed, humiliated and scared, Agent Natasha Moskoskaya meets Capitan Valerioff in DEFEATED by QUOOM  

02/07/2003 DOFANTASY announces FANSADOX21.  See a wonderful cover by ROBERTS 

02/07/2003 Lovely art by ROSCOE in ROSCOE's STORIES 

02/06/2003 The white prisoners are severely trained as sex-slaves in NORTHERN SLAVES by BIZZARRO 

02/05/2003 The white landowners suffered a terrible fate in ISLAND UPRISING by HINES

02/04/2003 Astounding art in A PASSAGE EAST by great artist FERRES

02/03/2003 Mother and two sisters were captured by the Bedouins in DESERT STORIES by DAMIAN

02/03/2003 They're kept in CASTLE IRVING. By Silas

02/01/2003 NEW! AFTER APOCALYPSE. 47 pages full color comic by CAGRI.  Online until February 28th.  Don't miss it!

01/31/2003 She is now alone with her stepfather in ENSLAVED STEPDAUGHTER by STEVE

01/29/2003 2nd day of the English Ladies as sex slaves of the Emir in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET by INNOCENCIUS

01/28/2003 BACK COUNTRY.  Impressive art by HINES

01/27/2003 Only one girl is left in the HORROR HOLE by SLASHER. She's terrified...

01/26/2003 They were spoils of war. SPOILS OF WAR by Mr KANE

01/24/2003 Wonderful art and wonderful stories by ROSCOE

01/24/2003 She was sold to the local police... CORRUPTED COPS by ROUGIN

01/22/2003 Enjoy Damian's best art along with exciting stories in DAMIAN'S STORIES

01/20/2003 Secret agent Natasha in DEFEATED by QUOOM

01/20/2003 Horrendous prison nightmares in WILD PRISONS by DE HARO

01/18/2003 They were detained at the University, then they DISAPPEARED in the JUNTA's prisons, by HINES

01/18/2003 The brunette Christian slavegirl serves her Master in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET by EU INNOCENCIUS

01/17/2003 The white slaves meet their Master the Pharaoh in NORTHERN SLAVES by BIZZARRO  

01/16/2003 Officer Natasha gets taken by her colleagues in DEFEATED by QUOOM 

01/15/2003 MERCILESSLY USED a PIRATES STORY. Impressing art by Mr.KANE

01/14/2003 She was sold to the local police, who put her on the street. CORRUPTED COPS by ROUGIN

01/13/2003 New episode of wonderful A PASSAGE EAST by FERRES.

01/13/2003 Secret agent Natasha's ordeal continues under the hands of her colleagues. DEFEATED by QUOOM 

01/10/2003 PLAYING WITH MISS PETERS a new, exciting interrogation story by CORTEZ. Images by ARIES

01/09/2003 The SULTAN's troops destroyed those murderous invading Crusaders, leaving only a few of their women alive. Great art by HINES

01/09/2003 Secret agent Natasha is unmasked, then she disappears in DEFEATED. New series by QUOOM 

01/08/2003 The slave caravan makes a stop in its journey in NORTHERN SLAVES by BIZARRO 

01/06/2003 LOST IN AN ORIENTAL WORLD, new by DAMIAN!  

01/05/2003 They were mere spoils of war. PRISONERS by Mr KANE

01/04/2003 ROSCOE's beautiful girls in SINGLE SHOTS. Exciting, depraved stories too.

01/04/2003 End of PIRATE QUEEN by QUOOM. The girl is to be delivered to her own father.

01/04/2003 They just disappeared in the dessert... SLAVE MARKET, ink art by CAGRI

01/02/2003 The English sisters humiliated by the Sultan's in ZANZIBAR SLAVE MARKET by Innocencius.



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