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  • Sign up for our 50/50 Revenue Sharing Program and make money by referring your adult traffic to any of the RevShare Program sites.

  • Earn recurring 50% on membership fees for the life of every membership you send.

  • iBILL's follow-me program tracks any surfer you send and gives you credit even if the surfer signs up to any one of our other sites.

  • You can view your stats in real time, at any time. You will be paid directly twice per month by iBILL as long as the $50 minimum payout is reached. Amounts less than $50 will be rolled over to the next month.


  • Sites with an incredible amount of original, high quality, copyrighted BDSM content. RevShare Program sites offer your customers thousands of original, copyrighted BDSM illustrations by the best artists. 

  • RevShare Program sites update regularly ( updates many times per week). The fidelity of our visitors (and so of your rebills) is one of the highest in the industry and for sure the highest in art sites.

  • RevShare Program sites are serious, professional sites that provide real, great, high quality content.  No pop-ups.  No cumbersome advertising.  Your customers will be glad to rebill.  The sites are a real bargain for their ticket price.

  • You'll get promotion material to raise your sales.

  • You get 50% on new members and 50% on rebills. monthly
    recurring membership fee is 29.95 US$. fee is 19.95$ first month and 9.95$ each following rebill.

  • You'll have direct access to iBILL's database to edit your user profile and check your sales stats in real time.

  • You'll get paid directly by iBILL.



1- Click on the Join button below.
2- Fill the form and get your RevSharer-ID and password.
3- You'll be directed to our set-up page where you'll find banners, code, promotional stuff and directions.  If you don't get to that page, please email us to


providing your RevSharer-ID
4- Start promoting!

If you need assistance at any point, please contact


If you already joined and want to access the set up page go to
enter your rev-share-ID and password and scroll down to bottom of page.